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About Us


How We Started

N'tral Spatique was born out of a love for beautiful skin...naturally.

Our skincare secrets have been passed down from generations. These ancient methods of naturally maintaining beautiful skin are still proven effective for today. We pride ourselves in the usage of all-natural ingredient products. Our skincare line is directly imported from Jamaica as well as select American based distributors. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of our products.

Skincare is already a part of our everyday routine. Why not allow N'tral Spatique to enhance your existing regimen with a few simple adjustments that will provide amazing results? N'tral Spatique specializes in Anti-aging techniques and products. Additionally, we are certified in noninvasive innovative solutions, offering more advanced treatment options for skin tightening and fat reduction.

Have you noticed the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging jowls? Menopause, loss of collagen and elasticity can be the culprit of these skin woes. Our anti-aging facials, combined with customized maintenance products are designed to rebuild the skin's infrastructure without harsh, invasive treatments and combat the effects of aging.

We stand behind our products. N'tral Spatique researches and tests every product thoroughly before making it available on the service menu. After your initial consultation, you will receive an all-natural skincare regimen, tailored just for you. Such services can include, facial detox, body detox, RF Skin Tightening, Cavitation sessions, and more. All our services are coupled with a soothing aromatherapy blend. Relax as you encounter beauty the way it was intended... naturally. Your experience at N'tral Spatique will be one of a kind.

Our Mission

To Deliver A One Of A Kind Experience

Candy Nixon


Candy has been in the Beauty Business for over 20 years, She is A Licensed Cosmetologist now Specializing in Skin Care for over half that amount of time. She has been gifted natural skincare regimens from her Great Grandmother and her Grandmother. In the Island back then there were limited commercial beauty products so they made their own using natural ingredients.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Very professional and she does an amazing job